Best Cooling Weighted Blankets, according to Experts.

The popularity of weighted blankets has increased spontaneously since its first invention in 1998. Generally, weighted blankets are used because of their therapeutic ability to reduce anxiety and improving sleep. This is gotten from the evenly distributed glass or plastic beads inside them. Because of its constant use, a weighted blanket with removable cover is a better choice since the cover prolongs a blanket’s life. However, a stumbling block in the world of weighted blankets came in the form of its too hot temperature for hot sleepers. In this situation, the therapeutic benefits of these blankets are forgotten and replaced with the quest to lessen one’s body temperature. On that note, companies have come up with cooling weighted blankets as a solution to this problem. Cooling weighted blankets have the same therapeutic qualities with weighted blankets, but that is where their similarities end. Instead of using plastic beads, cooling weighted blankets are made with glass beads that do not retain heat like the former. In addition to this, cooling weighted blankets have outer covers made of moisture-wicking materials such as bamboo, cotton, Tencel, et.c. Read on to view a list of best cooling weighted blankets according to experts.

List of Cooling Weighted Blankets

Chili Blanket and Chili Pad Control Unit

  • this is the most expensive cooling blanket with a minimum price of $499. It has a rubber tube that connects a water chamber to an inbuilt water pipe inside the blanket. When the water chamber is filled, water flows through the rubber tube to the pipes. There is a control unit on the water chamber, this control unit is used to adjust the water to the preferred temperature of the user. Check out Fr. Robert Ballecer’s video on this blanket.

Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blankets

  • if your budget is tight, this cooling blanket is for you (sold at a minimum of $139). Its two sides have different temperatures; one for cold sleepers and the other for hot sleepers. The warm side is made of milky polyester material while the other is made from Tencel cooling fabric. It also has a removable duvet for easy washing. View more explanation in this video.

Bearaby Tree Napper

  • if you are an eco-friendly person, this blanket is the best for you. This is because it is made of pure Tencel material, is biodegradable, and costs $249. Its unique cooling property comes in the form of its hand-knitted surface which allows for air to penetrate through the blanket. Its only disadvantage is that the whole blanket must be washed to keep it clean.

Gravity Cooling Blanket

  • this blanket costs $199 and although it doesn’t have any special physical property attached to it, it still stands as the best cooling blanket recommended by experts. Glass beads are evenly distributed and its outer layer is made of polyester moisture wicking fabric. Furthermore, this outer cover can be removed and washed.

In conclusion, the invention of cooling weighted blankets has not only eradicated a restless night sleep but has made it possible for both cold and hot sleepers to have a good night rest.

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