How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business

If you manage a company or any other business and you want to promote it on social media apps, Instagram is one of the best choices you have! You can create an account completely free and add any posts or information you want! Pretty simple, right? The most important part, though, is increasing the number of real Instagram followers. So, in this article we will suggest some, easy but effective ways, to gather more real people who will follow your business Instagram account!

1) Add Accurate Hashtags

A very effective and fast way to find people that are probably interested in your services/products is by adding accurate hashtags. First, you must think about the words that describe the subject of your business better and then search for it on Instagram! It’s better to select a variety of hashtags, some that describe your company better and some that are more popular. (You can check how popular a hashtag is by viewing the number of posts that have been published with it). This photo shows the most used hashtags on Instagram.

2) Start a Giveaway

If you have just started to run your business Instagram account there is a smart way to attract people more efficiently. You can choose a product or service and run a giveaway. (It’s better if the product/service is straight offered from your company because you will advertise it better and you will also save money. You can also set some steps for the participants, like “tag a friend” or “follow my account”. There is a huge advantage for you if users start to tag their friends! As more and more people will visit your posts the potential of pressing the “follow” button will increase also.

3) Advertise Your Account

We highly recommend you to advertise and promote your Instagram business account as much as you can! Give your Instagram username to friends and family! Social Media Apps can be way more marketing efficient than any other form of advertisement nowadays. If you can afford to promote and advertise your page to other platforms like other social media websites or Google, don’t lose the chance! People that are interested in your services will jump into your account with one “click”. Start with the platform that you would like and watch the results. If you are satisfied with the progress try boosting the promotion even more!

4) Find an Ideal Post “Rhythm”

There are different ways to attract followers by advertising, but the most important way to grow a stable and decent number of followers is by posting great and original content on a daily basis! We can also mention here, that there are certain times of the day when Instagram posts get more attraction, these times are shown in the diagram below.


Whatever ways you choose, try to be original, smart and consistent! Give people convincing reasons, about your product’s usability. You should also promote your account and be an active Instagram user as much as you can! If you want to gain more knowledge on this matter you
Good luck with your business promotion!

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