Things You Didn’t Know About Lena Nersesian

If you have watched the show The Reality House season two then you are familiar with  Lena Nersesian. Having walked away with $50,000 as the winner in the show that entailed other digital specialists and creators, she is such a sensation. With an interesting lifestyle and a huge number of followers, you can learn more about the media bombshell from her bio here.

Knowing about her breathtaking life from childhood, one would want to learn more about her. Here are some things you probably don’t know about Lena the Plug.


She was born on 1st June 1991, currently she is 30 years old. The girl originates from Glendale, California, United States. Relating to strict parents, she was brought up in a Christian home and was not allowed to talk about content relating to sex.

Lena is an American but belongs to the Armenian ethnicity. Relating to education, she studied psychology at the University of California Santa Cruz. She says she had the passion to continue with her studies but didn’t have the funds so she ventured into her career.


After school, she went back to Sweden for a year. She compliments the culture and food, especially the dessert of the people there. Afterward, she went to America where she did several odd jobs before landing on employment.

Employment was boring for her as it was a regular 9 to 5 job. While in Arsenic, she worked for a social media company where her co-workers nick-named her Lena the Plug. This is the name she had been using before she changed to Lena the Mom.

Later on, she started working as a Snapchat model where she earned a better income from the job and as a brand influencer. Then, she decided to work on her account and became an influencer on her Instagram account via posting adult content.

Social media accounts

Lena’s accounts on social media have been suspended severally due to a violation of community guidelines. This however has not stopped her success stories as she opened another account that is up and running. Her youtube channel stands at 1.63 million subscribers and is verified. On the other hand, her Instagram account has more than 550k followers.

Her accounts have gained popularity from one time when she allowed her best friend to have sex with her boyfriend. Afterward, she said she would leak the video if her account and that of her friend hit 1 million subscribers.


Lena is married to Adam22 officially known as Adam Grandmaison aged 30 years old with a net worth of $350k. They started dating way back in 2016 before settling in. She says she is in an open relationship, however they are parents to a girl who is often featured in her youtube videos.

Most people question if she is bi-sexual as she says she was with women during her college life. But she said that was long ago and she is into men.

Is Lena the plug a pornstar?

Even though she posts adult content on her channel and respects people who act porn, she says she is not into acting porn and has since then rejected any offers at her disposal.

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