What to Know About Aviation Safety When Chartering а Private Jet?

Without a doubt, air travel is the safest mode of transportation. When considered against road and train travel, it has the lowest fatalities and fewest failures annually. This is linked to the meticulous and constant safety operations performed by airline technicians and engineers on the machines. The operations are strict and extensive. However, unlike commercial aircraft (which in most cases are public or government-owned), charter aircraft have fewer and less strict regulations, making them a target of reduced aircraft scrutiny. As for the use of the airplane, you might need to know some basic safety tips that might just save your life. So, what should you know about Aviation safety when boarding your G5 from VelocityJets?

Scroll down and check particular areas that we saw pertinent in aviation safety.

Aviation and chartered certificates & relevant insurance

For a chartered aircraft to operate in the sky, they must have the relevant certificates from the airline authorities. For example, in the US, this is offered by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration. Such certificates research, implement and enforce that all relevant airplane procedures are being adhered to. Safety operations and compliance standards are included. Before signing the charter contract, ask for copies of the chartered certificates and also of the liability insurance.

This is a good indication that you are dealing with a company that follows best practices and standards when operating their craft.

Safety and maintenance history

The typical saying is that the internet is forever. Use this fact to your advantage. Armed with your laptop or just your smartphone, perform your own audit of the company. Research into ratings, history, and accidents in the past. Due to their rarity, aircraft incidents are always big news and are covered and posted by media agencies.

In addition, the charter service company should be able to provide you with information on their craft. Don’t think it’s nosy. This is your life in the balance. Simply inquire about their maintenance and aircraft service.

Crew Requirements and Experience

Key among the crew of any flight is the pilot of the aircraft. For a safe and smooth journey through the skies, the number of hours logged in to that particular model by the pilot is a must know. Research into FAA pilot ratings to know how many hours are required for a pilot of a particular craft.

The company should also be able to avail information on the adherence of their operators to FAA standards. This is with regards to the maximum hours of flight and also duty time. Fatigue is a common factor for fatal crashes.

A component of safety is emergency procedures. Aircraft crew should be trained in emergency programs that allow them to quickly respond to passengers whenever the need arises.

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