What You Should Know About Culver’s Custard

Every fast-food establishment has something that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. For Culver’s, it is their frozen custard. Forget about the unparalleled service and variety of menu items. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, are lured in by the rich and creamy custard. You can choose to have it a cup, cone, or even as a milkshake. Due to its popularity, many are keen to know details about it. We are sure you are going to find this article exciting.

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Some egg

Eggs are known to be a versatile product and are used as an ingredient in various dishes worldwide. But, egg in custard? Culver’s website has all the information for you to peruse. The restaurant uses pasteurized eggs together with milk and cream to create that rich taste that we all love.

Sourcing of its dairy products

When you consider a company of its size, you would imagine that Culver’s would be partnering with large milk suppliers. But that is not to be. Culver’s has remained true to its local roots and sources its mile from local dairy farmers in the area. Wisconsin is known as the dairy state and Culver’s has taken advantage of this. It is also a good way of maintaining relations with the local farmers. Sources have it that they have maintained this relationship for over 30 years.

Count those calories

Desserts are all about washing down your meal with something sweet and rich in flavor. But do you ever consider the calorie intake and nutritional content of each Culver’s Custard? It should not come too much of a shock to you. Each portion of Culver’s Custard has over 250 calories, almost 30 grams of sugars, and a gram of cholesterol. Yikes!

If you are looking to improve your physical health, this dessert is not the option you are looking for. It is, however, perfect for the summer heat with its rich and creamy taste that melts with every bite.

Ideal for the heat

Generally, summer in the US tends to get pretty hot. It should not surprise you that Culver’s restaurants sell the most custards on a hot summer day. Sources reveal that Culver’s can sell up to 1,600 scoops per day.


The typical Culver’s patron knows that the restaurant has a unique rotation when it comes to flavors of the day. This means that you can’t predict which one will feature on what particular day. Depending on your luck or lack of it, you can take your favorite flavor home.

Few people know that they have the option of requesting a customized Culver’s custard. All you have to do is request it and the dessert specialists will customize a custard for you.

And if you can’t decide, that’s not an issue. Let go of control and choose the Flavor of the Day.

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